PxS Technical Sprays

PxS Technical Sprays

Product Description

PxS Brake Lining Spray

It cleans the metal parts of motor vehicles. Helps to Eliminate Squeaking Sounds Caused by Friction. Instantly Cleans Oil, Dirt and Dust. Does not leave residue after use.

PxS Silicone Spray

It is used for the insulation and maintenance of the metal, rubber and plastic parts of the vehicles. The outer surfaces of the vehicles that start to wear out due to environmental factors such as rain and wind, and the inner surfaces that are worn out by exposure to sunlight, are protected at a high level by silicon spray, and abrasive effects are delayed.

PxS Chain Spray

It is a Multi-Purpose Lubricating Spray. There are special oils and additives in its composition that penetrate quickly and hold on the surface. It can be used safely on all surfaces that require lubrication in many industrial areas, as well as at home and workplaces.

PxS Liquid Grease

It is a type of oil that protects machine parts and teeth against friction. It is used for lubricating moving parts. Prevents Corrosion. Allows Metal Parts to Work Quietly and Efficiently. Extends the life of the part by preventing wear. It can be used in construction machines, forklifts, all kinds of gear and chain systems.

PxS Multi-Purpose Spray

It is a lubricant used to lubricate and protect metal, rubber and electrical contact parts in production and maintenance processes. It penetrates the surface well and is moisture resistant. Removes Water and Moisture. It separates the surfaces that are stuck or welded together due to rust. Protects the Surface by Populating the Most Congested Places. It Has A Cleansing Effect.

PxS Silicone Mold Release Agent

It can be applied to all mold surfaces. It ensures that the molds come out properly and do not get damaged. It reduces friction in molds and prevents sticking. It Accelerates Production in Mold Release Process. Can Be Used In Low And High Ranges.

PxS Silicone Free Mold Release Agent

It is an Anti-Adhesion Spray specially designed for the easy separation of the part produced in the machines producing rubber and plastic parts from the mold and for the high quality of the part. Painting, Sticking Etc. on Used Parts. Transactions can be made. Since it does not contain silicone, it does not leave oil residue.

PxS Gas Welding Spray with Silicone

It prevents the slag formed during welding from sticking to the torch and the workpiece and ensures easy cleaning of the surface. It is used safely in welding works since non-flammable raw materials and propellant are used. It should not be used on surfaces to be painted after welding.

PxS Tire Repair Kit

Specially Produced for Repairing and Inflating Tire Explosions for Emergency Situations. It can be used in all Passenger Cars, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Light Commercial Vehicles or Caravans. With its special formula, which is in it and becomes rubber when it comes into contact with the cross, it can repair the burst tire and inflate it up to 20 psi.

PxS Paint Remover

It is a product that helps to remove paints from the surface easily and quickly. Removes Cements, Labels, Sealants, Adhesive and Tape Remnants. It provides easy use in every area with its liquid and spray form.

PxS Fast Adhesive (Mdf Kit) Fast Adhesive is a Two Component Fast Curing Aerosol Type Adhesive. It is used for fast and easy bonding of Mdf, wood, metal, aluminum, marble, concrete, stone, granite, ceramic, natural stone, rubber, leather and many hard plastic surfaces within seconds.

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