PxS Masking Tape

PxS Masking Tape

Product Description

PXS 80°C MASKING TAPE is in the class of general purpose masking tape with good adhesion. It is manufactured from a rubber-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive that adheres well to most types of surfaces, along with crepe paper.

It is suitable for use in an automotive and industrial context. Glass, rubber, metal etc. It has high adhesion performance in paint applications. It can be used in all applications with a thermal resistance not exceeding 60 minutes at a maximum temperature of 80°C. It is easily removed without leaving any traces within 24 hours.

Resists bending or stretching. It allows you to easily apply to curves or curved surfaces and is highly compatible. The crepe paper backing resists dye bleed and performs well. It is applied quickly and easily. It provides instant adhesion to the surface.

* 18mmX35m Masking Tape

* 24mmX35m Masking Tape

* 36mmX35m Masking Tape

* 48mmX35m Masking Tape

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