About Us

Park Boya / Turgut Ulusoy was established in 1968 in Kocaeli.
Our company has been serving in the field of paint and hardware products since its establishment. It has grown rapidly by undertaking the dealership of the brands that have proven themselves in the sector.
Park Boya has been importing technical sprays, spray paints, heat resistant paints, gilding paints and grains since 2008, with the aim of growing in the sector where it has served as a retailer for many years.
Park Paint, the Turkish distributor of Italian spray paint company Eco Service, PxS, Ambro-Sol and local Pronto brands, adds new varieties to its wide product range every year. It aims to expand its position in the market through wholesale or retail dealers throughout Turkey.


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We are constantly developing with our strong dealer structure in Turkey and around the world, and we continue to increase our service points.